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Natural Air Fresheners

          Air fresheners have been around for decades, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe to use.  Most manufacturers do not fully disclose all the ingredients within their air freshener, and will supplement the information with the term “fragrance.”  While using the term “fragrance” can help secure the privacy of a company’s ingredients list, customers are not always fully aware of the potentially harmful chemicals they are inhaling.             Phthalates are chemicals that are used to soften and/or increase the flexibility of plastic which can be harmful when inhaled or absorbed.  These synthetic ingredients are often found in numerous cosmetic and household products, including air fresheners.  Studies continue to be conducted...

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Vegan & Organic Bath Bombs

          Bath Bombs are an amazing creation and a great way to relax after a long day. Simply drop the bath bomb into a warm tub and enjoy the aroma being released as it fizzles and dissolves away. Several cosmetic companies offer a wide variety of bath bombs, often being visually appealing with vivid, bright colors.  Although these bath bombs look great, some of them may not be good to absorb into the skin.              These fizzy creations come in an array of different scents, usually by the use of synthetic fragrance oils.  Fragrance oils are stronger in scent compared to essential oils, but carry no real holistic purpose.  We all know essential oils...

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