ZFREE Essential-Oil Blend Roll-On - Wilderness Oils
ZFREE Essential-Oil Blend Roll-On - Wilderness Oils

Wilderness Oils

ZFREE Essential-Oil Blend Roll-On

Enjoy a FREE essential oil based roll-on blend! Just pay for shipping! Choose between
the uplifting, minty Recover
the grounding, lavender rich Rest.
Both are made with only certified organic ingredients and are handcrafted to help ease the mind, body and soul. Take advantage of this great deal before it ends!

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We're certain that after you try our eco-friendly products that you'll not want to compromise quality again.

Holistic Eco-Friendly Sustainable • Organic • Handcrafted

We produce handcrafted bath and beauty products. We only use certified organic ingredients, not any harsh man-made additives or chemicals!

  • Lather
  • Exfoliate
  • Hydrate

with the highest quality of sustainable ingredients with every use. Plus, we offer sustainable shipping in that 100% of our shipping materials are either recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable!

Our mission is to not only educate individuals with ways to help the environment, but also about how to protect the environment.

We have active members within the community and currently participate in:

  • Michigan's Adopt-A-Highway Program
  • The Huron River Watershed Council Flow Monitoring Program
  • The Department of Natural Resources Stewardship Program

Each one of our volunteers receives a free soap bar as a reward for helping us achieve our mission

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Ease normal discomfort with our handcrafted blend of certified organic oils in our Recover: Roll-On. Whether it be for your back or your neck, this specific blend of herb and mint oils work together to help combat normal discomfort. A direct application of our Recover: Roll-On can uplift the mind, body, and soul! Our stainless steel applicator ensures an equal distribution of oils with every use! 

Drift away as the scents of lavender, cedarwood, and vetiver oils calm your mind.  Our base ingredient, Safflower oil, ensures a high absorption rate through the skin, helping experience a calming effect at a faster rate. This well-paired oil combination is perfect to promote a restful night sleep every night. Simply rub thoroughly on your wrists and bottoms of your feet to ensure a complete application. 

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